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Founded by London’s three leading doctors, The Medical Salon is a space where you can receive the highest standard of care and expertise. The idea of the polyclinic is to provide a patient-centred multi-speciality service cost-effectively, providing full…

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We are a Care Quality Commission-registered clinic and uphold the same standards as a Hospital. We use the highest quality products sourced only from UK-registered pharmacies. We believe strongly in safe, effective treatments that are affordable.

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Our Specialities

Our Specialities

At our home clinic, we provide bespoke treatments that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. We offer a range of services and feel free to contact us if you would like to have something that is not on our website.

Focused Plans

Our doctors just don’t consult. Instead, we listen, understand your problem, and develop treatment plans that will gradually transform how you look and feel for the long term. From natural skin rejuvenation to administering health concerns- we have everything in place to help you look and feel better.

Our Exclusive Women's Packages

Clinical Tests
Menopause E Check Consultation + Smear
(HPV typing) +Pelvic Ultrasound +
Breast Ultrasound +Blood
Tests(FSH +CA125 +HE4)
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Fertility Check Consultation+ Menopause Profile
(FSH, LH, Oestradiol, T4, TSH)
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Hormone Replacement
Consultation + Contraceptive
Implant Removal
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STI/Smear Testing Consultation + Procedure
(Excluding image guidance)
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Colposcopy Consultation + Colposcopy +/- Smear +/- Biopsy + Blood Test (HPV typing)
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Cauterization to Cervix Consultation + procedure
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Vulvoscopy Consultation + Vulvoscopy +/- Biopsy
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Hysteroscopy and Polypectomy (Includes Consultation + local anaesthetic +pathology)
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harindra klerharindra kler
13:35 26 Nov 22
I’ve been using the amazing ZO skin health anti-ageing products by Zein Obagi for about 3 months now. They are the best anti-ageing products that I have ever used, I saw results within a week! Also, my teenage daughter used some of the products for her blemish prone skin and there has been a huge improvement. I highly recommend this range, Dr Angela Rai was very helpful in advising suitable products. Thank you to the Medical Salon 😊
Teena BabuTeena Babu
18:56 13 Oct 22
I wanted Juvederm for a while now and with the quality service that I’ve gotten at The Medical Salon for chemical peels, and their amazing reviews, I decided to go with them.From start to finish it was so professional, informative, and just well done. My lips look so natural. I got a half syringe. They took their time and explained everything, which put me at ease. The only room for improvement was the delay before starting the procedure. I may have felt it longer because I was a bit nervous I think (first time doing fillers). But that’s not a big problem. It’s better to wait rather than have somewhere to rush.For me, it was such a great value for the money, my confidence is so much higher. Thank you The Medical Salon for this experience!.
pam koonerpam kooner
21:09 10 May 22
Had my first treatment with Morpheus 8 carried out by Dr Angela Rai who was absolutely amazing and so attentive. Treatment was totally painless and results are obvious even after just one session, will definitely be going back for the next one. So a big thank you to all the staff who provided all the advise I needed and a really helpful team.
Zehra QureshiZehra Qureshi
18:42 10 May 22
I was looking for a clinic run by a verified medical physician to help me find natural alternatives to keep my skin looking it’s best. I was hesitant at first, but Dr.Rai had the most disarming attitude that I felt safe and secure in my decision to try out her practice. I was not disappointed; The Medical Salon has everything needed for the intersection of medical wellness to physical preservation in the most holistic ways possible—but she can also facilitate more cutting edge pharmaceutical treatments that are hard to find in London. Her bedside manner put me at ease—and I even (independently chose to have the Morpheus 8 treatment) a machine that penetrates thousands of micro needle in areas where more collagen is desired. The machine stimulates your skin to create more collagen without the use of injectables. The procedure was around 30 minutes and I was able to go back to work right after. Her manner and knowledge kept me occupied throughout the treatment, so much so, that I never felt any pain. I wasn’t sore afterwards either. I love the results and will be making this a routine monthly procedure for myself. The practice is immaculate and the fact that Dr.Rai practices her craft meticulously and with precision makes the entire experience rewarding from start to finish.
Randa TurquiRanda Turqui
17:25 08 Mar 22
I had PRP and PRF with Dr Nama and was absolutely thrilled with the service before, during and after my treatment. The Medical Clinic itself is the most beautiful and best equipped salon I’ve been for any of my treatments. Before starting the treatment Dr Nama took the time to assess my goals, answer all my questions and explain the best course of action and all the potential outcomes. I never felt pressured or rushed at any point and I truly feel my best interest was always at heart which is so important with aesthetic treatments. The treatment itself went smoothly and calmly, and I was given any time I needed between areas. The aftercare was fully explained to me again afterwards and I still didn’t feel rushed or like I wasn’t having my questions answered. Following the treatment I personally didn’t have any downtime beyond 24hr - It’s been about a week now since my second treatment and the results are amazing, there is a noticeable difference and I can see myself using both PRP and PRF forever. I will come back and edit my review after my next treatment just to reconfirm this.