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Cheek Contouring


What is cheek augmentation?

We lose volume in the cheek as we get older giving a sunken cheek look. It also exaggerates the folds around the nose also known as nasolabial folds.


Why is cheek augmentation important?

If the face is divided into 3 compartments, upper, middle, and lower thirds, the middle third forms the most important part for supporting the upper third and the lower third. Often replacing cheek volume is sufficient for rejuvenation of the face in the initial stages.


How much filler will I need?

Generally, the cheek will need 3-4 ml in total. We often advise starting at 1 to 1.5 ml on each side depending on the volume loss and the bony structure.


What are the side effects?

Some redness and bruising after the injection are common. The filler may appear lumpy for few days after the injection but this is very uncommon. Injections are often performed on the cheekbone which reduces the risk but a small possibility of injecting into a blood vessel is a remote possibility.


What fillers will you use?

We often use thick fillers either Juvaderm Voluma or Juvaderm Ultra 4. We mainly use Juvaderm products for our treatments. We will consider teoxane products on specific request but we do not offer any other products to maintain our high standard and quality.

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