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 Neck Rejuvenation


Chemical Peels and Microneedling


Chemical peels and microneedling are very good techniques for the rejuvenation of the skin. They stimulate the breakdown of excess keratin and also stimulate collagen synthesis.


Usually, 3-4 sessions few weeks apart are needed to see results and is often combined with other treatments like radiofrequency or laser.


Deep Peels like TCA 30% and micro needling up to 0.75 or 1 mm is necessary to see results.



Fillers are useful to hide the necklines and improve the youthfulness of the neck. often the treatment is done with a cannula and the filler is placed just below the lines. Either hyaluronic acid fillers or Ellanse can be used to treat necklines.



Botox injections mainly to the neckbands and jaw cause smoothening of the skin and prevent any further lines. They are very useful in preventing neckbands ( loose skin bands).


Collagen Stimulators

Sculptra of Ellanse injections in the neck can stimulate collagen and provide support to the skin. It can act like a hammock to improve the skin quality and regenerate the skin of the neck.



In the presence of mild neck bands, threads are very useful in pulling the neck bands towards the bone behind the ear and tightening the neck almost like a neck lift.

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