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Tear Trough ( Under Eye Fillers)


What is tear trough?

Tear trough is the line acroos the lower part of the eye that starts at the inner side of the eye and ends near the pupil. 


Why do I have deep under eyes? 

Deep under eyes can happen due to loss of collagen in the skin, decrease n elasticity of the skin, loos fat or the fat pads moving down towards the cheek. It may alos be due to the bone changes related to aging like widening of the orbits. 


What fillers can I use? 

The best fillers are hyaluronic acid fillers and we commonly use either Teosyl Redensity II or Restylane Lyft due to it characteristics. 


Where does the filler actually go?

The filler goes into the fat pad under the eye lid. The filler doesn’t go into the eye lid. 



What is the downtime? 

Bruising is common in this area as the skin is very thin. For few weeks the filler may appear lumpy. It takes around 3 weeks for the filler to settle. Most patients are back to normal within few days. 


Are there any risks? 

All filler injections comes with a risk of blindness, tear trough is considered as a high risk area. Despite being considered as high-risk area the chance of blindness is 1 in 1.5 million with a needle and 1 in 2 million with a cannula. 


Should I be worried? 

Lots of tear trough procedures are done in the world on a daily basis. Major complications are very rare. If there is a complication considering you are in a medical facility, we have all the expertise and equipment necessary to deal with complications.

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